It’s good to be different

Look at things differently. During a visit to London, I took this photo. There were a number of other people shooting the “traditional” views of the city architecture, but I particularly liked the strange shapes that were appearing in the reflections on the river and seeing the feather crossing these, really stood out for me. I’ve been in the finance … Read More

Applications for Personal Guarantee Insurance Double

Following reports that many financial institutions have cut access to the state-backed loans, even though the scheme has been extended until the end of next November, our insurance partner has seen applications for Personal Guarantee Insurance for new business loans, double in the space of three weeks in September. This sudden increase in demand is a clear indication that small … Read More

Business Success Network Podcast

Mike Boss was recently interviewed by Stacey Calder of the Business Success Network on their podcast. They discussed asset finance, cuddly toys, pedalos and THOSE Linkedin videos. You can hear the podcast using the following link:-

Minimum term rental agreements

This morning I had a call from one of our funding partners, during which, amongst other things, our account manager asked for my opinion on minimum term rental agreements. I told him that I couldn’t honestly think of a single instance where they would be more suitable for a client than a fixed term agreement and that, to be brutally … Read More

“Banks aren’t lending…” Really?!

We are constantlly being told in the press and on social media that the banks aren’t lending to SME’s. Yet again this is scare mongering by the press and it’s having a direct effect on business confidence.  I’m not saying that banks are approving every proposal, but, with the right guidance on where to look, plenty of funding is available. … Read More

10 points to consider before signing a finance agreement

We have often seen clients coming back to us for funding, having tempted by offers from other companies, which aren’t quite all they seem. Therefore, we have put together a list of 10 basic tips that should always be considered:- 1. When comparing quotes from different lenders, always ensure the payment profile is the same, ie. number of payments paid … Read More

Leasing?! No thanks!

This is often what we hear when first discussing financing options with a potential new client. The words “Equipment Leasing” to some means simply rental and never actually owning the asset. Some Finance Directors still think of that Photocopier Lease they took out all those years ago, which they continued paying for years after the primary period, or when they … Read More

Vendor Equipment Financing Tips

Many equipment vendors have now realised that by positioning a finance option to their clients, they are not only making the product easier to sell, but more importantly, it becomes easier to buy. Here are some further tips that will assist in the process of increasing equipment sales:- * Include a monthly payment option with every proposal sent out to … Read More

Why offer your clients a financing option?

Some replies we often get from IT Vendors: 1. “All our clients are large, blue chip companies, who don’t need finance” – Due to the considerable tax benefits associated with leasing (making it cheaper than paying cash), 89% of Times Top 100 companies are now leasing their IT Equipment. 2. “Our clients always pay cash” – Great, but do you … Read More