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The Boss Corporation has been helping businesses to fund vital assets since 2003; with over 15 years of trading we have built a wide and well-established network of funding partners, experience and expertise, all of which combine to bring our clients the best solutions, no matter what their needs.

Whether it’s IT and software, fleet vehicles or scaffolding for a construction site, the initial outlay to fund significant assets which are necessary for your business to trade can mean an equally significant financial outlay, the impact of which could prevent you from growing into your business potential. Many businesses can also benefit financially from the tax allowances of leasing the equipment they need, seeing financial savings on the net cost of cash purchases.

From small scale start-ups to Times top 100 companies, sourcing the right funding can be a headache for any organisation – and no matter how big or small your needs, it can be challenging to source the best funding solutions to suit your business.

Many banks and traditional avenues for credit have such restrictive terms, with limited scope for what they are able – or willing – to lend, with high interest, inflexible boundaries for the range of assets they recognise, or challenging paper trails which over complicate the process, that it can push your project off the table – leaving your business unable to expand into new markets or take on bigger projects, or boxed into a limited market when you can see where your business could evolve to.

If this all sounds familiar, give us a call; asset funding through the Boss Corporation is an affordable and practical way to finance the tools you need to perform in business, providing a reassuring and reliable source of finance, meaning that you can purchase or lease the equipment you need to take the next step in your growth strategy.

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