10 points to consider before signing a finance agreement

We have often seen clients coming back to us for funding, having tempted by offers from other companies, which aren’t quite all they seem.

Therefore, we have put together a list of 10 basic tips that should always be considered:-

1. When comparing quotes from different lenders, always ensure the payment profile is the same, ie. number of payments paid upfront, as this affects the rate greatly.

2. Always keep a record of when the first and last payments are due to be made.

3. If the agreement is a finance lease, write to the funder / broker one month before the end of the agreement confirming your end of term wishes.

4. With any finance agreement, always ask the lender to confirm the end of term title fees in writing before you sign the agreement. Make sure there are no other “Residual” or “Balloon” payments due by you.

5. When comparing rates, compare the total amount of interest payable. Different lenders have different methods to calculate their published rates.

6. Due to the considerable tax benefits, leasing can work out cheaper than paying cash.

7. Always ensure the schedule of equipment matches that of the equipment you are buying.

8. Brokers can save you time and money as they have access to a number of lenders and often can obtain better rates than single customers.

9. Leasing makes it easier to keep pace with technology – Most Leases have built in upgrade paths meaning you are able to keep up with technology, without always increasing your monthly payments.

10. Finally, if a supplier is offering an interest free deal, yet you still want to pay cash, ask for the discount to be given to you instead of the finance company.