Finance Leasing

This differs from lease purchasing in that you will have full use and access to the assets and equipment being funded, but none of the associated burdens of ownership.

Where lease purchase means you own the asset at the end of the lease term, this option funds the use of the asset for the useful like expectancy of the equipment – at which point it is returned to the finance company.

The benefits of this approach are the flexibility which allows you to upgrade all or part of the equipment at any point during the lease period, and 100% of the cost – both capital and interest – can be offset against your taxable profits.

This is a less expensive, more flexible and reliable funding option which protects you from the impact of depreciation and allows access to the newest technologies.

The end of term options vary; another benefit of partnering with a third party broker is that the option for passing the title to your organisation at the conclusion of the leasing term offers you the chance to own the equipment after benefiting from the leasing terms. We have a wide portfolio of funding partners, which means we can tailor your arrangement to suit your specific needs; we also partner software houses and resellers, working proactively to ensure that you benefit from a reduced sales cycle and reduced debtor days.