“Banks aren’t lending…” Really?!

We are constantlly being told in the press and on social media that the banks aren’t lending to SME’s.

Yet again this is scare mongering by the press and it’s having a direct effect on business confidence.  I’m not saying that banks are approving every proposal, but, with the right guidance on where to look, plenty of funding is available.

In his book “Anyone can do it”, Dragon’s Den investor Duncan Bannatyne tells us ” I got a particularly good deal from BNP, as a broker I’d used had told me they were desperate to get into the UK commercial market.  I might have preferred not to pay a broker’s fee, but it worked out cheaper to pay for his knowledge and I’ve often found that specialist expertise can be worth the relatively small investment it requires”

Not only can we help businesses secure the funding they need, but in most cases, we don’t even charge a fee!