What can we fund?

The list of areas that we can fund is as eclectic as the clients we’ve supported since The Boss Corporation was launched in 2003; many lenders are reluctant to fund less traditional assets, which makes it difficult for many businesses to grow, protect their capital and spread the cost of investment in assets.

One area we highlight for our clients is software funding; many traditional lenders will only cover the costs of IT hardware and networking – meaning that funding the vital software for performing can be a significant cash cost; we are able to pair our clients with lending partners who finance not only the machines, but also the latest software needed to carry out your business needs – from CRM to CAD, design to digital marketing suites, every aspect of IT your organisation needs can be funded through The Boss Corporation.

There are very few areas we aren’t happy to finance; some of these from recent clients have included:

  • Machinery and manufacturing components
  • Plant and hire equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Haulage
  • Construction
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Aviation
  • IT hardware and software

Essentially – if your organisation has a need, we will find the perfect funding partner to meet it.

Where many traditional funding sources are limited by their funding history, we have a large portfolio of specialist funding partners – which means that not only can we support you in funding less traditional professional costs, we can do so with favourable rates, low start profiles, no deposits, seasonal payments and a sale and leaseback funding option for your existing assets. One benefit of using a specialist broker such as The Boss Corporation is that, without costing your business a penny more than any other lending stream, we can partner your needs with a far greater market of lenders, using our established network of lenders to create a bespoke funding opportunity.

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Asset Funding

Asset funding means covering the full cost of purchasing any assets your business needs; this covers anything you consider vital to your business performance – whether that’s physical assets, digital software or the vehicles you need to reach your customers.

Purchasing these assets outright can be expensive and that often means that smaller businesses, or those who are reasonably new to business, are priced out of growth and taking on larger or additional projects. It also leaves your business with aging equipment or outdated technology, higher tax costs and the burden of replacing or reselling older stock to make way for the most up to date technologies which keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Asset funding is a way of protecting your existing capital, extending your available credit and spreading the cost of purchasing significant equipment – meaning that you can purchase the equipment you need without delay. It is also the most tax efficient way of funding the assets your business needs, making it an equally appealing direction for big business to control asset management.

Another avenue for releasing funding is refinancing – using your existing assets as collateral against borrowing to release funds, allowing you to make significant purchases and cover costs of larger projects.

If you have assets you need to finance or refinance, call The Boss Corporation today and let’s discuss the next steps for your organisation’s funding.

IT Hardware & Software

Many larger lending organisations and banks won’t cover the costs of businesses in need of IT hardware – and running any business without efficient and reliable technology is unsustainable. Fewer still will fund the software needed to make the best of that IT network, meaning that many organisations are missing out on the benefits of spreading the cost, investing in the most up to date technologies, and accessing the best tools to perform at the top of their game.

We can help you to cover the cost of computers, printers, networking and the software you need to get your office up and running – no matter what scale is required. Whether this is an initial setup or an update to an older system, our finance options can spread the cost of your investment, allow you to invest in the best IT systems available for your organisation, and not settle for second best when you need reliability and peak performance.

Call today and let’s discuss your needs, and how we can meet them

Plant and machinery

Paying upfront for plant and machinery can be prohibitively expensive – particularly when your business is new or small – and if you want to grow and take on bigger projects these prohibitive expense can cost you out of winning the job.

Not only that, but businesses of every scale can benefit from the tax allowances leasing offers over cash purchases – allowing your organisation to limit the financial impact of accessing the equipment you need.

Protect your existing capital, sustain your cashflow and grow your business with asset financing, giving you peace of mind and access to business growth. An additional benefit of leasing through The Boss Corporation is that, when the lease term ends, we can often pass title to your organisation – giving you the duel benefit of leasing and ownership.

Working with a wide portfolio of funding partners means that we can find the perfect solution no matter what equipment you’re hoping to finance – even if you’ve been refused by your bank. Call today to find out more


Modern farming means modern equipment; we can fund the equipment and tools needed to keep up with these developments, streamlining your finances and capital without significant outlay in a lump sum, and reducing the tax costs compared to upfront purchases.

Spreading the cost of purchasing the equipment that you need means capital funds are protected, you can plan your financial future, budget for the ebb and flow of seasonal work and maintain efficiency of working.

There benefits to your farming business from financing the assets you require through our lending portfolio could be significant; call us today to find out more about what we can do to help you


We have assisted construction companies of every size to fund assets like plant equipment, tools, scaffolding and materials – no matter what you are looking to finance, we can help.

Working with a wide portfolio of funding partners, we have enabled many businesses to spread the cost of significant purchases, protect capital funds, benefit from budgeting control and return on investment, and allowed them to move forward with bigger projects and new work that the upfront cost of buying the equipment that they needed to take on the work.

If you are in a situation where you are ready to extend your business, and want to spread the cost of investing in the equipment you need, and benefit from the tax allowances that leasing offers, we can help you to spread the cost, protect your investment, budget efficiently and move forward:

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One of the busier areas of our financing comes from businesses looking to purchase, lease or hire vehicles for their workforce; whether this is fleet cars or delivery trucks, forklifts or refrigerated trailers, even marine vehicles – we can help you to spread the cost of your investment, protect your organisation from the impact of depreciation and get on the road.

We also have long established relationships with vehicle manufacturers and sales teams across the country, and can use the buying power of our larger portfolio to bring significant discounts on the retail costs you may be offered if you were to contact them directly – meaning cost savings, protected investment and the option to pass title to your organisation at the conclusion of the leasing period, giving you ownership as well as the financial benefits of leasing.

Call us today to discuss your options; we have a wide portfolio of finance partners who are ready to support your investment