Applications for Personal Guarantee Insurance Double

Following reports that many financial institutions have cut access to the state-backed loans, even though the scheme has been extended until the end of next November, our insurance partner has seen applications for Personal Guarantee Insurance for new business loans, double in the space of three weeks in September. This sudden increase in demand is a clear indication that small … Read More

Strategic thinking for the year ahead

2020 has been a stark lesson to us all; the saying “you never know what’s around the corner” has never been more true. How could anyone have predicted a pandemic that would spin our world into lockdown and isolation so rapidly? It’s the stuff of movies! Yet here we are six months on and businesses across almost every industry sector … Read More

Should you offer leasing to your customers?

spread the cost; money being spread like butter on toast

Sales and leasing for suppliers:“Should we offer leasing to our customers?“ If your business relies on product sales the importance of securing each new customer can’t be underestimated – and there’s a lot more to this than simply having the latest products and assets for sale. You also have to give your customers the sales support and opportunities which make … Read More