Asset finance and software funding
from The Boss Corporation

The key feature of Finance Leasing is that customers have full use of the equipment, without all the associated burdens of ownership.

The period of the lease is normally matched to the useful life expectancy of the equipment and once that term is expired, the equipment is returned to the finance company.

This type of lease is flexible enough to allow a customer to upgrade all or part of the equipment at any time during the period of the lease.

100% of the lease rentals, both capital and interest, can be offset against the customer’s taxable profits.

  • Tax Efficient
  • Flexible form of funding
  • Various end of term options available

We regularly partner with Software houses and resellers, working proactively to ensure your customers can access the best finance solutions available. As well as the obvious benefits to your clients this partnership also reduces your sales cycle and significantly shortens your debtor days.or call 0845 257 4685

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